Manure Spreaders

• Havco Manure Spreaders are one of the leaders in the industry.
• Robust heavy duty design
• Industrial work rate
• Available form 14 – 36M3

Manure Cleaning Screens

• Get rid of stones and rocks from your kraal manure.
• Protect your expensive manure spreader against stone and rock damage
• Available from 4.5 -9m

Lime Spreaders

• Jumil and Emcasa lime spreaders available in 5- 10Ton
• 3 in 1 Spreaders. Organic, lime and dry fertilizer
• Robust and reliable design
• Precision farm ready

Fertilizer Transfer Bins

• Perfect design for farmers making use of bulk dry fertilizers
• Hydraulic transfer auger with sluice
• Fit to your own trailer
• Bins can be fitted to a Havco single axle or tandem suspension trailer
• 2 x 1000L chemical tanks for tandem suspension available

Fine Seed & Tef Planters

• Havco Herles Fine Seed planters available in 3.6 and 7.2m
• Plant all types of fine seed easy and effective
• Contact driven with drive wheels
• Tef planters are cost effective and tested