HAVCO Manufacturing Company was founded in 1981, in Standerton, South-Africa. Since then HAVCO has been well known in the industry for commitment to meeting the customers’ needs with the most effective and durable equipment on the market.

HAVCO is currently a leading manufacturer of feedlot, dairy feed processing equipment and TMR plants.

HAVCO has manufacturing facilities with skilled employees in South Africa and market products worldwide with a commitment to equipment which makes sense on the bottom line.


• Roll Sieve

• Grain Carts

• Augers & Conveyors

• Drive Over Hoppers

• Bale Coppers and Roughage Boxes

• Feed Mixers (Diamond Implements)

• Feeder Wagons

• Feeding Roller Mills (Maize Master)

• Bale Loaders

• Bale Rings

• Self Feeders

• Water Troughs

• Neck & Body Clamp

• Hydraulic Processing Units

• Planter Transport Systems

• Implement Trailers

• Bulk Trailers

• Tip Trailers

• Manure Spreaders

• Manure Cleaning Screens

• Line Spreaders

• Fertilizer Transfer Bins

• Fine Seed & Tef Planters

• Grain & Meal Tanks
• Crop Sprayers

• Belly Plates for Case Crop Sprayers

• Fence materials
• Energizers
• Solar systems
• Game fencing systems
• Animal management solutions

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